Caring For Society

Cleft lip and Cleft Palate are gaps in the lip and Palate that are unsightly and prevent normal speech. Many centres now offer Free surgery for Cleft children. I have been associated in this noble venture for the last 10 years and have treated about 1500 of these children/ adults free of cost. Thanks to Smile Train (
I use an Operative Microscope for Palate repairs, that magnifies the area by 20 times, to give the best possible speech results for these children. This i learnt from Dr Sommerlad who pioneered this procedure. I am part of a team of professionals at the All India Institute for Speech and Hearing (AIISH) a Government administered Centre for excellence. We hold a joint OPD every week in which we counsel these children and their parents. We also offer Cineradiography ( one of the few centres) to help treat those who have been operated and still have poor speech. We also have Nasal endoscopy, Nasometry and all other facilities needed.

Poor Speech after Cleft palate surgery

This is a reasonably common problem. The reasons are multiple. One of the critical steps is proper evaluation by a team of people. I take opinions from Speech language Pathologists and other specialists. We document the extent of air escape from the nose with a machine. I also evaluate the problems by wither nasoendoscopy or Cineradiography. Based on all these inputs, a team discussion is made and a plan is evolved. Each of these people need a different customized plan. I have been using such procedures and have been having consistently good results. an example is illustrated here.