Ingrowing toe nail
Ear-Kiload-1 Ear-Kiload-1 It’s a common problem. The space available for the hard nail is narrowed down – sometimes because of tight shoes pressing from the sides. The edge of the hard nail then starts pressing on the skin on the sides. This can cause a wound, infection and pain. This can become repetitive. Removing the nail is a temporary solution, unlikely to provide lasting relief. If the root of the nail is narrowed down to the size of the available skin, this problem is solved. Done on O P basis.
Skin Graft Aera
Skin Graft Aera - 1 Year later Ear-Kiload-1 Following removal of skin- the left over layer of skin will start repairing itself . The wound becomes ‘dry’ by about 2-3 weeks. This will require some moisturizing care.
After major injuries, there can be loss of skin in the limbs. Typically in a ‘run over’ injury, the skin literally gets pulled out. This is called a degloving skin injury. Sometimes more than 50% of the skin cover is lost. Skin graft is an effective procedure.4 years later this is how it looks. There are no wounds , no thick scars or difficulty in moving the limbs at the knee joint.Many people are worried about the area from where the skin graft is taken. For the same person this is how the donor area looks on the other thigh. There is a change in color in the area, but no other problem is seen.
Degloving foot injuries
Ear-Kiload-1 The foot gets injured more than any other place. The injuries also cause disruption of the tendons, fractures and injuries to the joints. There is also severe contamination with mud and other material. This is a fertile area for an infection to occur. The first challenge for the surgeon is to ensure that there is a clearance ( debridement ) of the wound that reduces the chance of infection. This is the foundation for a good healing. This is followed by a 'Flap cover'. This is a thick piece of tissue ( not a skin graft) and carries its ow blood supply. Thus it can survive because of its own blood supply and help healing of the area. Such transfer of tissue can be from the same area ( Local flap) or from a distant area ( Microvascular flap or Free tissue transfer). Here is an example of an injury which was covered by a flap and the remarkable recovery in terms of function as also appearance.
Large Skin Grafts
Ear-Kiload-1 Ear-Kiload-1 Sometimes large areas of skin are lost in a accident and require to be replaced. When done, the limb recovers quite well and the function is preserved. The ability to harvest and replace such large wounds is life saving.