Ear Keloids
Ear-Kiload-1 Our body heals by scar formation. This is an automatically regulated event. Sometimes this mechanism fails and excess scar forms. This can cause a “Keloid”. The earlobe is a common place for Keloid formation related to piercing. Normally Keloids are not removed because recurrence is 100%. In the ear however, the results are better and surgery followed by treatment leads to a cure in quite a few individuals.
Ear Reconstruction
Ear-Kiload-1 Rarely, the complete ear may be absent. This is not always a complete absence with the ear lobule being present in an abnormal position. This is one of the most challenging operations. The procedure involves taking a block of cartilage from the chest, carving it into the framework for the ear and then raising this off the area to give the projection. The procedure takes 6-8 hours the first time. A second stage is required after 3-4 months. Sometimes small corrections are required later ( re positioning/ laser hair removal etc)
Ear Lobe Repair
The ear lobe hole becomes larger with time. This can become so large that people use rubber rings to prevent the ear ring from falling through. Simple closure is not a good option, because the location of the new hole has to be a little away. If a hole is made in the scar, it opens up fast. To preserve the location of the ear hole, a skin piece is used like a supporting pillar at the top and the rest of the hole is closed.. Sometimes the tissues are also strengthened. The closure is done and the new ear ring is placed immediately. This usually takes 30 minutes per ear. One follow up after 3 weeks is advised. No dressings needed. Convenient, nearly pain free and just what you wanted!
Correction of Prominent Ear
Ear-Kiload-1 A prominent ear (earlier known as Bat ear) is sometimes a source of embarrassment or of teasing. It also makes the facial profile unique. Correction of the prominent ear is simple if treatment is started at birth. It involves a short surgery if done later. The scar are behind the ear and not noticeable. The correction is permanent.


Ear-Kiload-1 As a consequence of ageing, the skin on our eyelids becomes loose and folds appear. The fat around the eye also becomes displaced. All this leads to a change in appearance of the eye to make it look old. In the upper lids, the skin forms an additional fold. The fat also tends to bulge making the distance between the brow and lid appear narrow. This can be corrected by removing the skin and reducing the fat. In the lower lid, the skin excess is more. Sometimes it hangs like bags too. There is also the problem of area appearing sunken.is Here the loose skin is removed. Also, the fat is not reduced, but relocated to reduce the sunken appearance. This can be combined with a S O O F lift, that is fat in the upper cheek can be pulled up to make the area better defined. This procedure is done as a day care procedure.
Ear-Kiload-1 This is an inability to open the eyes fully. This is due to a weakness in the muscles that pull up the upper lid. This can be in one eye or both eyes. This results in sleepy eyes look. Sometimes, these people try to use the eyebrows to pull up the lid. This can be corrected either by strengthening the muscle or by using the forehead muscles to link the eyelid muscle and help open the eyes.
Ear-Kiload-1 A swelling or a cyst that is of significant size and needing removal is a challenge in the eyelid. The reason is that unless the gap is closed well it leaves a obvious defect and may affect the function also. The gaps can be closed by using adjacent tissue and often the removal is not noticeable at all. Rarely, the lower eyelid is used to reconstruct the upper eyelid when a major portion has to be removed.


It is one of the most wanted and least understood of cosmetic surgeries. Many people feel that the skin will be changed or any change is possible. Rhinoplasty changes the shape of the nose by altering the supporting structures- bone and cartilage. These are below the skin.The skin is expected to redrape over this. The bone or cartilage can be reduced/ increased, narrowed/ widened etc. The surgery does not lead to visible scars on top of the nose. It is not possible nor is it a good idea to plan to get a famous persons ‘beautiful’ nose. Each face is unique and the nose must not look like a foreign object. The surgery is usually done with general anesthesia. Depending on the procedure, overnight stay may/may not be required. Swelling will last for a variable time after the surgery.


Scar Correction
Plastic surgeons are not supposed to leave behind scars...that is the popular perception. The truth is we don't leave behind scars. The scars are generated by the body as a automatic response to any injury- accidental or deliberate! These scars can be designed to appear less prominent by various methods. But scarless surgery is a myth. Sometimes these scars can cause either distortion of the area or also reduce the function. Plastic surgery can help in this situation. The procedure can be designed to reduce the scar and improve the appearance. There are a variety of procedures to help. Scar reduction, Z plasty, Fat grafting, Skin graft application are all options.


Improving scars by reduction and a procedure called as "Z" plasty. H ere the direction of the scar is changed to a alignment that is less visible or less likely to stretch. This makes the scar less prominent.
Mole Removal
Moles or Nevi can be present all over the body. Sometimes the location may be thought to be undesirable. On the face, the main issue is residual scar. This can be kept to the least possible and socially acceptable nature by different techniques. In some people the mole starts growing in size. It may also start itching etc. These are reasons to get it removed. It is an outpatient procedure.
This is a method of reducing the wrinkles that develop on the face. Wrinkles form because of the action of muscles. When we lift our eyebrows up, a fold forms on the forehead. With time the fold becomes deeper and permanent. Such folds are a sign of ageing. In initial stages, Botox can flatten them completely. If the fold is very deep, Botox may not be useful. Early care is therefore better. It is given in the clinic usually. The dosage has to be calculated. It is given at multiple places. It acts by preventing the muscles from forming the fold. This action will be appreciated by the 2nd week and will last between 4- 6 months. Repeat injections are required, but with time, the interval may become longer and less injections are required.
Double Chin
The jaw bone is like a U shape ( when seen from below) and the part in between is supported by muscles. There is also some fat there normally. This support can become loose with age/ when fat increases/ when there is weight gain followed by loss. This is double chin. If the problem is limited to fat and skin tone is good, liposuction through a small hole is sufficient to improve the contour. If there is loose skin, then liposuction with additional tightening may be required- a neck lift. The underlying muscle too has to be tightened in some people.
Fat filling- Face
The face is a prominent part and even small shape changes become noticeable. Sometimes there are depressions in the face. One depression seen often is in the ‘temple’ area on the side of the face. This can make the profile ‘bony’. This can be filled up permanently using fat. The fat is harvested from the patient’s body and injected into this area. The fat cells which survive are permanent. This can be done on day care or OP basis.


Lip – enhancement or reduction
The size of a lip is variable. Most people look for a proportion in relation to the face. The lip is a 3 dimensional structure which also changes shape! Some people are unhappy that the lip is too big or that the lip is too small. This may be applicable to the upper/lower/ both lips. To increase the size of the lip, some tissue needs to be added. Fat injection can be considered or a combination of dermis and fat. This can be done on OP basis. Swelling can take a week to settle down. Lip reduction is done by removing some tissue from the inner edge of the lip. This makes the lip less prominent. The scar is usually not noticeable as it is located on inner part of the lip.


Small Swelling in Face
Small swellings can be due to various reasons. These may be Sebaceous cysts, lipomas, dermoid cysts etc. All these have the potential to slowly increase in size. Some may get infected also. Since surgery is he only option, it is preferable to get it removed when it is smaller. The scars will have to be planned to make them small and indistinct. This is usually an outpatient procedure. Dressings if applied can be taken off in a few hours, reducing dislocation from routine activities.