Congenital Hand anomalies
Congential Hand

Congenital hand defect in 3 generations of family

A child born with a hand that is different is a source of great concern initially. The problem gets worse because of different opinions that are available. From good omen to bad omen, from early to late surgery etc. The hand has to be seen as a working part. If the changed shape is likely to hinder work then it has to be corrected. The correction has to lead to a predictable improvement also! I prefer to operate these children before 1 year of age. The reasons are- the child has not learnt how to use the hand, managing the child is easier for the parents and no retraining will be required. Surgery after 1 year becomes increasingly challenging and the next good window is at 4 -5 years of age.
Additional fingers
Ear-Kiload-1 A family with 3 generations with the same problem.A combination of joined fingers and extra fingers…As can be seen the unoperated hand will struggle to use a scissor and hold a large object because of the small gap in the fingers. There are many superstitions associated with this problem. However, surgery is usually recommended from functional point of view. Cosmetic improvement also occurs. Additional fingers can suffer repeated injuries too. Surgery is not always simple as the more functional of fingers have to be retained.
A fully fused mitten hand
All the fingers were joined and they had to be separated to make a useful fingers for basic function. Surgery was done in multiple stages to complete the procedures before the child was one year old. This made sure the child could use the hand properly as any other child of that age. While the appearance is different, it is mainly a functional surgery.
A functionally useless thumb
This child has a thumb that cannot be moved and is therefore useless. The thumb is the most important finger. In this case some parts of the thumb were retained and parts from another finger were added to make a thumb..a delicate 4-5 hour surgery. The results were satisfying.to the surgeon and source of great joy to the parents.
Birth Defects in the hand
Dupuytren's Contracture
This is a condition in which the palm of the hand develops hard swellings which shrink and pull the fingers into a folded position.The fingers can not be straightened and the palm is folded in. More likely in older people. This is treated by removing the abnormal layer below the skin. It is a delicate surgery which should not damage the skin above the layer or the blood vessels and nerves below it!